Finnigan Fox

Refoxed for the vision behind the Amico, Finnigan Fox has the honor of being not only a digital but limited, physical release! A new art style, updated game design, orchestrated soundtrack, and additional multiplayer mode definitely make this return to the forest worthwhile.

Finnigan Fox was a co-development between Bonus Level Entertainment and Independent Arts Software.


Action Platformer




About the game

Finnigan Fox is FOX n FORESTS remade for the Amico. A fresh, cartoony art style, meaningful changes in gameplay and game design as well as a brand-new multiplayer mode make Finnigan Fox a unique experience on its own.

You play as Finnigan Fox and your weapon is once again the legendary magic melee crossbow, used for ranged and close up combat and for seamlessly switching between 2 seasons per level, resulting in revealing secrets, tricky skill tests and thriving exploration. Can’t cross that river? Switch to winter and walk over the ice!

This time around you can shoot in midair and an appealing hint feature has been added in the form of treasure maps, to help you find every last one of those valuable Magic Seed, in order to help your friends and uncover the secret of the seasons.

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