Shark! Shark!

Inspired by the original Shark! Shark! from the year 1982, this reinvention for up to four players features fresh, sofishticated gameplay elements, levels and characters. Shark! Shark! is one of six pre-installed Amico games.

Shark! Shark! was a co-development between Bonus Level Entertainment and NeoBird. Financially supported by the FFF Bayern.






About the game

In 1982 the original Shark! Shark! launched for the Intellivision console. It was programmed by Ji-Wen Tsao, one of the first female game programmers in the history of video games.

We had the honor to completely redesign Shark! Shark! as a single- and multi-player party game, featuring multiple co-op and versus modes as well as 12 jawesome levels full of exciting sea animals.

Discover a pirate shipwreck boarded by a giant, ink-shooting octopus, enjoy colorful reefs, except for that stingy blowfish and dive deep into Poseidon’s sunken ruins. But beware, sharks are lurking everywhere!

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