Eurovideo distributes Kickstarter success „Fox n Forests“

Bonus Level Entertainment has raised more than 100,000 euros via Kickstarter for the retro jump & run „Fox n Forests“ – and now EuroVideo has signed up as a distribution partner.

Games projects made in Germany with six-figure crowdfunding proceeds via Kickstarter are still the exception – most recently, this mark was surpassed by the adventure game „Trüberbrook“.

The elite circle of the most successful Kickstarter games includes „Everspace“ (Rockfish Games), „Die Zwerge“ (King Art), „Lost Ember“ (Mooneye Studios) and the skill game „Fox and Forests“, which collected the required funds in summer 2016.

„Fox n Forests“ is the first game from the young Munich-based developer studio Bonus Level Entertainment, founded by long-time Deep Silver manager Rupert Ochner and Holger Kuchling. The latter’s company Independent Arts is one of the oldest still existing developer studios in Germany.